EICR for Sutton Coldfield home buyers

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EICR for Sutton Coldfield home buyers

EICRs- or Electrical Installation Condition Reports, are often recommended as part of a home buying process as they can prove invaluable for checking the condition and safety of electrics in a property before deciding to buy it.

Even if they are not recommended to you by an estate agent or solicitor, inspecting a property’s electrics prior to purchasing is just as important as other surveys you might carry out, such as structural and energy efficiency surveys.

Leading electrical safety campaigning charity Electrical Safety First said the majority of home buyers here in Sutton are exposing themselves to increased risk of fire by failing to check the electrics before purchasing. It made the statement after conducting a survey last year of 2,000 people who had recently bought a new home.

The survey found that two thirds of homes bought in the UK had not been checked, with many buyers believing that electrical inspections are covered as part of a Homebuyer’s Survey.

Electrical surveys when buying a home

Instead, the charity urged people to instruct a qualified electrician to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report as the only way to be certain that the electrics in a property are safe and in good working order.

If any issues are identified, then at least you will be aware of them and able to factor any necessary work into your home buying negotiations.

Risk of fire or injury from faulty electrics

The Electrical Safety First research found that half of people are not aware there is an electrical inspection that can protect them, and more than a third reported finding issues with electrics after they had moved in. One in ten of those experienced injury or fire as a result.

The cost of remedying these faults averaged £2,000, with some rising as high as £10,000.

‘Risk of increased expense without EICR’

Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First, said: “It’s easy to bypass checking the electrics when purchasing a property if you think it is included in the recommended home survey report – our research suggests this is the case for around 20% of people”

“However, not conducting an EICR significantly increases the risk of additional expense, and electric shock or fire, to the buyer and their family”

“We’re encouraging people to use a registered electrician to do a quick and relatively inexpensive check to ensure they know exactly what they’re getting into with a property purchase.”

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is an official document produced following a full inspection of the electrical systems and installations in a home or workplace.

It will test switches, sockets, wiring and any power source to check they comply with safety standards and regulations, through both visual and electrical testing inspections.

We recommend having an EICR carried out before exchanging contracts on any new home. Please contact our local knowledgeable advisors for an idea of the cost of an EICR for a property in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas.

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