What is EICR Test



An EICR or Electrical Installation Conditioning Report, is a test to check the safety and condition of electrical installations. It is carried out to establish whether the electrical installations are maintained to a satisfactory standard. If passed, the report states that it is okay for the systems to be used in continued service.

If there any are faults within the system it will be listed on the report, including an explanation of why that electrical system failed the Electrical  Installation Conditioning Report. The faults will also have a fault along with them, to grade the severity of the fault. 

Grades are as follows:

  • C1 means ‘Danger is present’, risk of injury is likely and IMMEDIATE action is required.
  • C2 is the classification for POTENTIALLY dangerous and remedial action is needed urgently.
  • C3 is the last classification code, and the only one that can appear on a report and have it still pass the EICR test. C3 means improvement to your electrical system is recommended but not required.

The electrician that carries out the Electrical Installation Conditioning Report will full explain each part of the report, from beginning with the initial quote to the end detailing of the report. Even an explanation of any remedial work that may be needed, but hopefully won’t be.

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